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Online business has been very rampant nowadays, so clients, investors, costumers and business people use online networks in making business deals and transaction. Online marketing, working and communication are much easier and accessible through Outlook platform made by Microsoft.

What’s New?

As you tried to follow the trend and make your luck in online business, communication through different means is a must. There are lots of online applications that are useful and much easier to navigate. Microsoft office as the most popular application throughout the generation evolves in many ways and creates more and more useful apps to adhere and help the communication develop. Using their Microsoft Customer Support Number 1-888-964-8356 consumers and users made it more personal. We can ask them through Microsoft 365 support for any assistance on how we can use their application.

For the beginners, it is really important to know and understand different features and ask for instructions for us to know how this application works. We tend to analyze and try to use it without asking for help, that’s why sometimes you were not sure if you can private your messages. Nowadays, more and more people are exposed in social media platform. However, because of our inability to understand how every applications work, we just made a public comment about it, without asking the assisting officer about your 365 setup

Where to Begin?

Register your email account through Office 365, and outlook app will appear. On the left part of the screen you will see different tabs, from inbox, drafts, archive and folders. There are also small icons at the bottom of the left part of the screen where you can look for the mail, calendar, people and task. On top of the screen is theSkype button, settings are in line and together with what’s new, help, and account icon. With the account button, you can edit profile, view your account and log out. It’s much easier to navigate if you are familiar with outlook 2013, because these features are the same.Microsoft office 365 product key activation

What’s good with this is that you can personalize your theme and change it to your preference.

If somehow you felt uncertain about functions of each features you can message them and ask for assistance contacting Microsoft Office 365 Support number 1-888-964-8356.

Microsoft office Customer Service +1-888-964-8356